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My Secret Weapon

I’ve owned and had access to plenty of cameras but none have been able to serve me quite like the Kodak Play Sport.  I honestly believe that one day people will point to this camera and say that was the beginning of my resurgence as an artist.  If you see this website Pre Kodak Play Sport to now it is night and day.  This camera has allowed me to bring people into my life and give them inside look at things they never would have been able to see before.   The Play Sport leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to shots, lens and range.  However it has two things that compensate for all of it faults, speed and accessibility.  Within less than 10 seconds with no preparation this phone can be out and recording.  Many videos on the site that are shot at the studio are actually capturing things that are already going on.  I’d say 70 percent of the content on this website is me winging it.  I think of some random thing and 30 seconds later I’m shooting it.  I got stopped by the police on a road trip and my Kodak Sport was right there capturing it all, its so small that they thought it was a phone and didn’t notice.  Another great thing is the camera is so light you can film yourself.  Go back through these posts and almost 90% of them are me filming myself, the video with me and Floss giving Paquiao fight review.  My hand is up filming that.  So much flexibility, anyway they don’t pay me or give me camera for free so I’m gonna have to wrap up my showering of praise, but if you are interested I got mine at a Walmart on sale for about $110 -KODAK PLAYSPORT

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